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We specialize in rebuilding automatic and standard transmissions.

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A New Transmission vs. Rebuilding

We specialize in rebuilding automatic and standard transmissions for all makes and models. We also offer differential and transfer case rebuilding, transmission oil changes and service, as well as spring/fall tune-ups.

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Transmission repairs can be expensive, and a new transmission may seem like a good idea. But most new transmissions are simply rebuilds. Truly new transmissions are used only in new vehicles. “New” transmissions could’ve been rebuilt years ago, lacking updated parts.

The major advantage of a transmission rebuild lies in the fact that updated parts are used. Parts that were specifically created by the manufacturer to address weaknesses in the initial design. This means ideal performance for your vehicle, ensuring optimal results.

Auto/Standard Transmission Rebuilding
Differential & Transfer Case Rebuilds
Authorized Lubrico Service Centre
Fall & Spring Tune-up Specials

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